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IDC – Instructor Development Course

The Instructor course stretches over a period of 12 days. Our main objective is to teach you how to become an outstanding and skill full instructor. We train you to the point where you are confident and knowledgeable instructor who can make a career in the diving industry. The Instructor Examination will be held in Bali, 2 days after completing the IDC in Komodo. Passing the Instructor Examination will be simply a formality and a confirmation of your own abilities as an instructor

The IDC course consists of:​

  • Dive theory presentation workshop by our professional team including: Physics Physiology Equipment Decompression theory Skills & Environment
  • Practicing exams
  • Classroom presentations:
  • PADI courses Risk management Marketing
  • Confined water skills session practicing the 24 skills of the Dive master course
  • Confined water session workshop
  • Open water session workshop

Extra Workshop during IDC

These are given to add more experience in teaching and handle students in a controlled, efficient and secure way. Knot tying workshop Lift bag workshop Student control workshop DSD workshop CESA workshop: Teaching the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent safely and preparing CESA lines


We offer a 4-day preparation course to get a head start on the IDC and to make sure the pace of the IDC is relaxed. We train on: PADI Standards & Procedures Dive Theory Practising Skills on Demonstration level IDC Orientation The preparation is made so we can evaluate your dive theory and dive skills. It gives you the chance to know what your working points are and follow the IDC stress free